Providing international support for the development and implementation of family medicine in Palestine

Improving the morale and self esteem of Palestinian family medicine health care professionals through provision of solidarity, relief of isolation and involvement in the wider international family medicine community.


Evaluation of 2nd IDFMP Course with appendices

Short course September 2015 - In September 2015 the faculty ran a short course in family medicine for trainees in Palestine. The results are included in this attached document.


Notes on visit by Paul Wallace (IDFMP) & Andy Ferguson (MAP) 25-29th January 2016

In January 2016 the faculty had several meetings about ongoing development of family medicine in Palestine.


IDFMP Work Plan for 2016/17

The faculty includes its most recent work plan for 2016/17 in the attached file documenting our plans for the year ahead.


WONCA feature of Dr Samar Musmar

WONCA recently wrote an excellent feature of Dr Samar Musmar, one of the founding members of the faculty, which can be found here

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